With the close cooperation and guidance of a Trust Advisor, we work with customers to develop a long-term plan that includes strategies ranging from investment management and estate planning, to trust administration.

Typical Services
  1. Executor – As executor we take on the responsibility of settling an estate. Included in this is locating and valuing all assets, managing investments, paying expenses, collecting all payments due to the estate, preparing and paying taxes, providing accurate accounting of the estate and distributing the estate in accordance with the heirs of the will.
  2. Trustee – As trustee we take possession of all investments, keeping the principal safely and productively invested. When individuals find themselves unable to handle their financial affairs, the trustee may step in to pay bills and protect the property. The client receives a detailed statement of the investments and transactions.
  3. Investment Management – In this capacity we act as agent for our clients providing them full, personalized investment portfolios. We work with the client to determine their investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and tax considerations. We provide the continual management of these investments and reporting of the results. This arrangement is often used to manage our clients IRA dollars.
  4. Custody Accounts – As custodian we are simply holding our clients' investments, making trades as authorized by the client and tracking all investment income. The client receives statements of their holdings and activity as well as an annual tax statement.
Options Include
  • Personal/Living Trust
  • Agency Accounts
  • Investment Portfolio Accounts
  • Guardianship Accounts
  • Executor/Administrator of Estates
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Land Trust

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