Accelerate funds availability and simplify receivables processing with our efficient, sophisticated lockbox services
  • Achieve greater visibility and control of your payments
  • Enhance service to your customers
  • Streamline your entire payments process from start to finish
  • Track customer payments more efficiently
  • Receive accurate, timely and flexible reports on deposits received
  • Reduce your overhead costs
Whether your business receives transactions with high-dollar amounts or high-volume customer payments, lockbox service accelerates the Processing of your receivables, increases efficiencies and reports information extracted during processing. It also eliminates backroom deposit processing by routing mail containing payments directly to the bank.

Regardless of your payment amounts or volume, BankFinancial has a lockbox service that will fit your company and help improve your cash flow.

  • Remittance Data Capture - We will capture any information on the remittance documents that you need, such as, account number, amount due, amount paid, or invoice number.
  • Accounts Receivable File - Your customized daily file can directly update your accounts receivable system.
  • Image Access - View and save images of check payments and remittance documents the same day they were received.
  • Online Search - Researching customer payments is fast and easy with our enhanced online search tools. You can search by processing date, check number, account number, or any of the captured fields from your remittance documents.
  • Export Images - Easy storage of remittance documents.
For companies that process lower transaction volumes and still want to improve the efficiency of their accounts receivable process, ask us about Remote Deposit Capture.

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