With a Spectrum Business CD (Certificate of Deposit)1 you can invest larger amounts without taking on big risks. This FDIC insured investment offers tiered interest rates so the more you invest the more you can gain. Spectrum Select solutions are offered exclusively from BankFinancial.

Account Features
  • 11, 15 and 22 month terms
  • Tiered interest rates so higher balances earn more interest
  • Automatic renewal

Earns Interest

Minimum Opening Deposit

Withdrawal Restrictions2

Penalties are based on the term of the CD and may be incurred if a withdrawal of the principal is conducted on the CD prior to maturity

  1. Requires a  Business Interest Checking or Business Checking or Analyzed Checking or Spectrum Business Checking or Spectrum Corporate Checking
  2. Only interest credited to the CD can be withdrawn at any time prior to maturity without penalty