Business Wire Transfers

Use the Online Wire Transfer Service to safely transfer money to another financial institution from the convenience of your PC. Both foreign and domestic Wire Transfer Services are available from your checking, savings or money market accounts. Receive a 25% discount for domestic wire transfers done online, and save more with Spectrum Select Corporate Checking.

With Wire Transfer Notifications, you'll receive email or text messages for any incoming or outgoing wire transfer that posts to your account. The notification will give you all the information you need including the amount of the wire, the sender and recipient, and any additional information such as the Originator to Beneficiary message.
Wire Transfer Drawdown services are available for business to business transactions.  This service authorizes a third-party, such as your payroll provider,  to submit a request on your behalf, to have funds transferred from your business account to their account.  Drawdowns are a secure and easy way to initiate immediate or scheduled wire transfers.  


ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are an easy way to move money electronically from one bank account to another. Setting up your business to accept ACH payments gives you an alternative to credit cards, cash or checks.

  • Use Online ACH Origination to disburse payments to suppliers, collect payment from Customers, automate your employee payroll processing with Direct Deposit, make federal and pay regular bills.
  • Same-Day ACH. Now you can deliver available funds within the same business day.1 Same-Day ACH gives you added flexibility for payroll to pay your staff on the same day, and provides opportunities for receipt of payments on the same business day for time sensitive transactions.
To sign up for ACH Origination, please fill out the Business Services Request (PDF 214kB), or speak to a banker today.

  1. Same-Day ACH files must be activated and approved by the 12:30pm CST on regular business days. There is a maximum transaction limit of $25,000 per Same Day transfer. Additional fees may apply. Please refer to the Business Fee Schedule (PDF 84kB).