A secure, convenient solution to manage lessee payments.

At BankFinancial, our Treasury Services experts continually focus on delivering superior solutions to help support our lessors/partners. To take our commitment even further, we’re now offering Paying Agent, a dynamic payment processing service designed to maximize convenience.

Customizable reporting that helps manage and service multiple payments online,
in real-time to optimize and protect capital by:

  • Accelerating accounts receivable
  • Streaming payables
  • Managing liquidity
  • Implementing safeguards to protect against fraud
  • Simplify processing through automation
  • Improved decision-making with reporting


  • State-of-the-art, Internet-based treasury management tool provides current real-time information on remittance and disbursement activity
  • Ability to manage and track multiple payments from a borrower in real time
  • Statement history at your fingertips for up to 180 days
  • Online access to payment information including indexed images of checks, invoices and correspondence 24/7
  • Immediate electronic notification of incoming wire payments
  • Advanced information security technology
  • Single payment address

Elite Customer Service

In addition to BankFinancial's state-of-the-art real-time user portal, our knowledgeable Treasury Services team provides prompt, accurate answers to all your inquiries, along with best practice advice tailored for leasing companies.

For more information or to request a demo, contact the BankFinancial Treasury Services Team at 630.425.5739.

Surviving vs. Thriving | Overcoming the challenges of remittance chaos.

Often, Lessors find themselves struggling to stay afloat with their lease payment management. As we hurl ourselves into a new year, there are many business resolutions to contemplate.
Why not start with ways to recover money and time by overcoming the remittance chaos. With BankFinancials Paying Agent Services, overcoming the challenges you experience managing payments and remittances is achievable. 

  1. Lease remittances sent to the wrong funding source.
    Having multiple funding sources creates confusion for the lessee when remitting payments. Since your business often requires you to manage payments from multiple remitters that are being disbursed to multiple receivers, the logistics involved in tracking those payments can be quite challenging. BankFinancial’s Paying Agent Service simplifies the process with a single payment address for all remitters and for all payment types.  Managing many schedules.
  2. Managing many schedules. 
    BankFinancial uses knowledge engineering to reconcile daily remittances. This automated straight-through processing means fast and accurate disbursements.

  3. Back-office inefficiencies.
    Our system was developed with the Lessor needs in mind. By eliminating the manual entry of remitted payments, we can deliver daily, weekly, or monthly cash receipt account posting files and reports. These can easily be customized to meet any system requirements.

  4. Complaints about delayed payments from your funding sources.
    Eliminate countless inquiries about disbursed payments. BankFinancial’s dynamic Paying Agent portals give funding sources access to current information regarding schedules and remitted/disbursed payments. Near-real-time data lets them know when funds are received and when they will receive their disbursements.

    At BankFinancial, we listen to our clients and look for ways to add time-saving simplicity to your everyday work processes. Our Paying Agent Service is packed with system-integrated capabilities designed to streamline workflows and give you access to critical information for business decisions.

    For more information or to request a demo, contact the BankFinancial Treasury Services Team at 630.425.5739.