Rent Collector allows your tenants to pay you through a custom branded website. BankFinancial will set up your customer payments website with a unique URL, or customize the site to match your brand and primary website. Your tenants can make payments via ACH debit from their checking or savings account or by using a debit or credit card. Most credit card payment platforms are supported, if you currently do not have the ability to accept credit/debit cards, BankFinancial can help.

Available Payment Types
There are four types of payment options available. You have the ability to customize how these options are labeled and displayed to your customers, and to which account(s)/location(s) payments can be made.
  1. Quick Pay: A one-time payment from tenants that does not require a login to sign in and does not maintain any contact, account, or password information.
  2. Single Payment: A single payment made by a registered tenant to a specific building/unit number.
  3. Recurring Payment: Equivalent to a payment plan, the registered tenant can set up regularly scheduled payments for the same amount, to be deducted from their checking/savings account or credit/debit card.
  4. TelePayment: Gives you the ability to complete a payment over the phone for your tenant through ACH, and/or Credit and Debit Card payments. This includes over-the-phone indicators to meet ACH and Debit/Credit card requirements.
Also available are the following options for the Rent Collector site
  • Pre-formatted fields for your individual buildings and units
  • Payment email notifications
  • Detailed tenant payment reporting
  • A custom-branded URL may be assigned
  • Customized field descriptions on payment pages
  • Option to collect a fee for returned payments and process the collection items
  • Option to pass your transaction fees on to your tenants when payments are processed
  • Integrate Rent Collector with Remote Deposit Capture
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