These options are designed to help you manage your money and protect you against the cost and inconvenience of overdrafts. We recommend that you carefully review the Overdraft Service Options and the Line of Credit Options below and view our What You Need To Know About Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees (PDF 65kB) so that you can choose the solution(s) that best fits your financial needs.

Overdraft Privilege
Overdraft Privilege helps protect you against an accidental overdraft on your account by providing a safety net for emergencies or unexpected situations. Overdraft Privilege provides two different levels of protection, Standard Coverage and Standard + Extended Coverage. In each case there will be a per item fee of $35 each time BankFinancial pays an overdraft on your behalf with a maximum of five items per day. If you do not overdraw your account, you will never be charged an overdraft fee. With Overdraft Privilege, your options include:

Standard Coverage
  • As a BankFinancial Checking Account customer, your accounts are automatically enrolled in Standard Coverage
  • Standard Coverage only covers checks, ACH items and recurring debits (typically used for automatic payment of subscriptions, dues, utility payments, etc.)
  • IMPORTANT - This option does not cover ATM or everyday Debit Card transactions.
  • You can choose to opt-out of Standard Coverage (see No Coverage below) by:
    1. Logging into Online Banking and requesting via a Secure Form
    2. Calling our Customer Service Center at 800.894.6900 (Option 4)
    3. Visiting one of our branch locations
Standard + Extended Coverage
  • You can opt-in for Extended Coverage, which enhances Standard Coverage by covering ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that in case of emergency or an accounting error your transactions will be covered up to the amount of your limit.
  • You can opt-in by:
    1. Logging into Online Banking and requesting via a Secure Form
    2. Calling our Customer Service Center at 800.894.6900 (Option 4)
    3. Visiting one of our branch locations 
No Coverage
  • You can remove the Overdraft Privilege coverage entirely by opting out of Standard Coverage, which means that if your checks or ACH items exceed the available balance in your account, they will be returned to the payee.
  • You will be charged a Returned Item Fee of $35 (per occurrence) in addition to whatever fees the merchant may charge. An item that is returned for insufficient funds may be resubmitted. However, if the resubmitted item again exceeds the amount in the account, the item will be returned again and a Returned Item Fee of $35 fee will be reassessed. 

Savings Sweep
The ultimate money management tool. To cover non-sufficient funds (NSFs), funds are automatically "swept" from your savings into your checking or money market account, giving you both the higher earnings of a savings account plus overdraft protection. The automatic transfer includes the exact amount of your shortage, plus a $10.00 fee per occurrence.1 This excellent money management tool is available with any of our checking or money market plans in conjunction with a Personal Savings or Kids Savings account. Also, be sure to sign up for e-mail Balance Alerts, free with Online Banking.

Ready to learn more? Set up a Savings Sweep today by:
  • Logging into Online Banking and requesting via a Secure Form
  • Calling our Customer Service Center at 1.800.894.6900 (Option 4)
  • Visiting one of our branch locations

1. $10.00 fee is charged to your designated savings account per occurrence. Transfers from your BankFinancial savings account will count against the number of withdrawals allowed per monthly statement period. A $10 service fee will be charged for the excess transfer requests in accordance with the Customer Agreement And Disclosure Statement and Fee Schedule.
SurePay Line of Credit
For those seeking more protection than LifeLine of Credit using a line of credit, SurePay Line of Credit is another way we manage shortfalls at a reasonable fee. SurePay is an unsecured line of credit tied to your BankFinancial checking account. Loan funds are used to pay checks presented against the checking account when the check amounts are greater than the available balance in the account.

Lifeline of Credit
LifeLine of Credit is an alternative to SurePay. As a valuable feature available to existing customers with a BankFinancial Checking Account, LifeLine of Credit lets you breathe easier between paychecks and repayment options are easy and convenient.

  • We will obtain a three month review of your previous banking history
  • No Credit Score is obtained
  • The review is based solely upon your account history at BankFinancial