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with the rest of your life. 

We offer personalized solutions to help keep you on the path toward your goals now and over time. Meet with a BankFinancial professional to start your success story today. 

Bring Flexibility to Your Financial Life

Everyone needs some flexibility. That's why we offer a variety of personal credit options to fit your spending habits and financial life. 

Schedule Appointments Online

Conveniently schedule an in-person appointment to meet with your local banker using the new online system at any time. 

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Bank Local. Shop Local.

Small businesses are the soul of our community. Let's help keep our community strong and vibrant by supporting the local shops in our neighborhood.

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Mobile Deposit - It's a Snap!

Now depositing checks while you're on the go is as easy as 1-2-3 with your smartphone and our mobile app.
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Obtain the Cash you Need

Borrow against your BankFinancial Certificate of Deposit – up to 95% without penalty. Plus, continue to earn interest on your CD!

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Options to Match Your Unique Needs

Earn rewards (such as miles, cash back or gifts) plus liability protection and more with your Business Visa.

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