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Individual Retirement Accounts Rates

Certificates of Deposit
Account Type Opening Deposit Minimum Balance1 Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield
91 Day $500 $500 and above 1.24% 1.25% Locations
6 Month $500 $500 and above
1.50% Locations
1 Year $500
$500 and above
1.74% 1.75% Locations
1.5 Year $500
$500 and above
2.25% Locations
18 Month Jump Rate2 $1,000 $1,000 to $250,000 4.16% 4.25% Locations

$250,001 and above 2.23% 2.25%
18 Month Variable Rate3 $500 $500 and above 5.16% 5.30% Locations
2 Year $500
$500 and above
2.50% Locations
2.5 Year $500
$500 and above
2.71% 2.75% Locations
3 Year $500
$500 and above
2.96% 3.00% Locations
4 Year $500
$500 and above
3.20% 3.25% Locations
5 Year $500
$500 and above
3.44% 3.50% Locations

Self Directed Accounts
Account Type Opening Deposit Minimum Balance Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield
Retirement Management  $50 $0 to $2,499 0.25% 0.25% Locations

$2,500 to $9,999 0.25% 0.25%

$10,000 to $24,999 0.50% 0.50%

$25,000 to $49,999 0.50% 0.50%

$50,000 to $74,999 0.50% 0.50%

$75,000 to $99,999 0.50% 0.50%

$100,000 to $249,999 0.50% 0.50%

$250,000 and above 0.50% 0.50%

Professional Retirement Planning, Investment4 and Insurance Services
Our Retirement Plans are available as ROTH, SEP, SIMPLE, Educational, or Traditional IRAs. Retirement Management allows you to self-direct your IRA funds to many investment options. Financial Assurance is an independent insurance agency working with a carefully selected group of financially sound, reputable companies providing professional insurance services to protect your financial goals.
Deposit Rates are accurate as of 5/23/2024 and subject to change without notice. Retirement Management Account is variable and may change after the account is opened. Interest is compounded daily and will be credited to the account on the scheduled statement date. Fees may reduce earnings. Daily balance is the amount of principal in the account each day. Certificate of Deposit may be subject to substantial penalty for early withdrawal.   Contact our Customer Service Center or visit your local branch for further information about applicable fees and terms. 
  1. The minimum balance must be maintained for one year in order to receive the Annual Percentage Yield.
  2. Jump Rate CD options include: one rate increase during the CD term to the current 18-Month Jump Rate CD rate, and additional deposits of $1,000 or more into the CD until its maturity date. After account opening future rates may change depending on the rate in effect at the time of bump up. Additional Deposits will not extend the maturity date. The APY is tiered. The APY for each tier is earned on all balances at or below each respective tier. If your balance increases above $250,000, the APY for those tiers will be applied to all balances including the promotional tier.
  3. The 18-Month Variable CD rates are variable and may change after the account is opened. The rate on this CD can change weekly and is equal to the 26-week U.S. Treasury Bill Auction Rate.
  4. Investment services provided through the Bank's Trust and Investment Services Department. Investment products are: Not FDIC Insured / May Lose Value / Not Financial Institution Guaranteed / Not a Bank Deposit / Not Insured By Any Federal Government Agency.