Today, more than ever, investors are realizing the importance of maintaining a substantial percentage of their savings in insured investments. Our competitive rates and terms will help you build and protect your retirement nest egg, college fund and other investments.


Everyday Savings

Looking for a simple and straightforward way to save or just have a place to keep your emergency funds?

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Spectrum Select Savings

The perfect companion for your Spectrum Select Checking Account.

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Kids Savings

Is your child's piggy bank busting at the seams?  Teach them the value of saving and release the pressure on that poor pig! 

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Money Market

Personal Money Market

Looking to venture into investing?  A Personal Money Market account is a great way to dip your toes in.

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Spectrum Select Money Market

Your financial goals are as unique as you are. We can help you reach those goals.

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Insured Cash Sweep

A smart, secure and convenient way for you to earn a return and access FDIC protection.

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