Adjustable Rate Mortgage

With lower interest rates for the first few years of your adjustable rate mortgage, you’ll be able to enjoy lower monthly payments for the initial period, guaranteed.

With 7/1 options available, adjustable rate mortgages are perfect for borrowers planning short to medium length stays in their home or those able to benefit from lower payments now while anticipating higher incomes in the future.

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Payment Options

• Automatic Payment System
• Coupon

Interest Rate

• 5 and 7 year fixed terms available prior to the first adjustment
• Can change annually after the first adjustment
• Rates locked for 60 days from application date

Loan Amounts

• No minimum loan amount
• Jumbo mortgages available


Up to 90%1

Property Types

Owner-occupied single family residential property.

Special Features

•  Extended commitments available

1.  Loan amounts over 80% LTV require mortgage insurance. Property insurance is required. (and flood insurance, if applicable).  See rate sheet for current APRs. The information and product selection offered in this brochure is subject to change without notice.