LifeLine of Credit

As an unsecured line of credit through your BankFinancial Checking account, LifeLine Overdraft Protection1 helps you manage shortfalls and features an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and repayment term.

No credit Score is obtained. The review is based solely upon your history at BankFinancial and/or other institutions over the past six months via an account history and/or statement review. We will obtain a six month review of your previous banking history.

LifeLine of Credit is available to both new and existing customers and helps build credit!

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Interest Rate
  • 36%3
Minimum Monthly Payment
  • $25 or 10% of the outstanding balance; whichever is greater.
  • You can make principal payments at any time including through Online Banking.
  • Your checking account is automatically debited for monthly payments, or you can pay off the balance at any time.
  • Access your LifeLine Overdraft Protection by writing a check or by using your BankFinancial Debit Card.
  • Funds are automatically advanced into your checking account in $50 increments (up to your approved credit limit) when your checking account funds are depleted.
  • Funds can be transferred online at no charge.
  • An overdraft protection sweep fee may be assessed against the associated deposit account.2
  • Overdraft fees may be incurred if the checking account is overdrawn and there are no remaining funds in the line of credit.4
  • Not available to BankFinancial Associates
  • Not available to current U.S. Military Personnel
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

1 - Subject to approval.
2 - $10.00 fee is charged to your designated checking account per occurrence and is limited to one fee per day.
3 - APR is charged daily on the outstanding principal balance.
4 - For complete terms governing your account, please consult the Customer Agreement and Disclosure Statement, which can be found at

The terms of the account, including fees or features, may change.