Kids CD

Does your child or grandchild want the latest hot toy?  Or do they want to take dance lessons?  Teach them the value of savings and investment by opening up a Kids CD.  Plus they can add their allowance throughout the term of the CD to really watch their money grow!

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Minimum Opening Deposit


Minimum Daily Balance


Interest Bearing


Withdrawal Restrictions

Penalties may be incurred if a withdrawal of the principal is conducted on the CD prior to maturity.  Penalties are based on the term of the CD.1 

Account Advantages
  • 6 month and 1 year terms
  • Unlimited deposits of a minimum of $50 can be made throughout the term of the CD

1.Only interest credited to the CD can be withdrawn at any time prior to maturity without penalty.
Must be titled as a custodian account or joint tenants with rights of survivorship. Primary account owner must be under the age of 21.