Today, more than ever, investors are realizing the importance of maintaining a substantial percentage of their savings in insured investments.  You can achieve that level of security with our various Certificate of Deposit options.  If a retirement or education savings plan is more what you are looking for, our IRAs and Coverdell education accounts can give you the growth you need.


Traditional IRA

A Traditional IRA gives you a variety of investment options as well as tax benefits on contributions.

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Roth IRA

Allows after-tax income and earnings to grow tax-free allowing your investments to truly work harder for you.

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Put money aside for your child’s or grandchild’s education and earn valuable tax benefits for yourself.

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Traditional CD

A Traditional CD is the safest investment you can make.  The longer you invest, the more you earn. 

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Spectrum Select CD

Prefer the safety of a fixed principal, FDIC insured investment?  Then a Spectrum Select CD is the right choice.

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eCertificate of Deposit

Offers a variety of terms and automatic renewal - easy to open online.

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Goal Setter CD

Put your savings on automatic with this unique CD designed to help you meet your goals!

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Kids CD

The perfect way to build a child's or grandchild's savings!  For 6 month and 1 year terms: unlimited deposits of a minimum of $50. 

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Enjoy the security and peace of mind for large deposits with a Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®.

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