Get more cash or better cash-on-cash return
with affordable refinancing options. 

    Hybrid ARMs        
          > Specializing in multifamily financing from $250,000 to $5 million
          > Up to 80% LTV        
          > Low processing and closing costs
          > Able to close in 40 days or less        
          > Up to 30 Year Amortization - No Balloon Payments!        
  And BankFinancial offers a Multifamily Line of Credit2, giving you additional financial flexibility 
for improvements or help in planning for your next purchase.
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Available to non-owner occupied apartment buildings with eight or more units. Subject to credit approval.1) Offer cannot be combined with other offers. $1,000 is applied toward underwriting fees. $1,000 is refunded at closing on new loans and lines of credit that close by October 31, 2017. Loans to refinance an existing BankFinancial loan and loans that are withdrawn, denied or do not close by October 31, 2017 are not eligible. Other fees may apply. 2) The Real Estate Line of Credit that is a second lien subordinate to an existing first lien requires BankFinancial, NA to be the first lienholder and the loan must be in good standing. The line of credit may be used for investments or necessary repairs and replacements relating to the first lien property. Cannot be used for new construction.