BankFinancial Introduces: Capital Markets Lender Network. 
  A new program delivered through our preferred lender network. Featuring loan products offered through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and our select group of Life Companies.  


Take a look at the advantages.


All the loan - half the fee:
Our fee is only .50% to place the loan, one half of the standard brokerage fee.


Best market rate:
No referral fees are accepted from the lender ensuring the best market rate for your loan.

   > BankFinancial does the work:
  • Assembles the borrower application package
  • Quickly determines whether we fund the loan or if it's better placed through our network 
  > Bridging the gap between acquisition and final funding:
Our QuickBridge short-term loan closes the acquisition in advance of permanent funding.
  Whether BankFinancial funds your loan or we place it for you, you will always save money over any other options you may choose.  

  Capital Markets Loan Product Features:  
  - Non-recourse Standard Carve Out provisions  
  - Up to 80% LTV  
  - 1.20 DSC (Debt Service Coverage) Agency Qualifying Standards  
  - Interest-only loans allowing maximum leverage with an interest-only component  
  - ARM/Balloons  
  - Minimum FICO - 650  
  - 90% occupancy for up to 90 days prior to underwriting (applies to Freddie)  
  - Property Types: Multifamily, Student Housing and Subsidized Housing  
  - Markets: Primary, Top, Standard  
  - Loan size up to $50 Million  

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