BankFinancial is uniquely, obsessively self-critical.  Even though we've been in business for over 75 years we have no desire to be who we were 2 years ago - much less 5 years ago. That's because we're constantly reassessing how we can perform for our customers, looking for better ways to improve what we can offer them.

BankFinancial's routing number is 271972899.

We've grown.

Today we have 19 locations and assets of over $1.6 billion. Along with traditional personal and business banking options you'll find Investment, Insurance and Trust solutions. In addition to traditional brick and mortar locations you'll find electronic banking solutions that let you manage your money anytime, anywhere.

We even think about technology differently,

fostering a spirit of creative problem-solving to adapt technology when it can make a clear and powerful difference. To remove barriers. Increase efficiency. And help customers just like you achieve their version of success. And we'll continually monitor it to ensure it's as useful as it can be.